It's great that you're interested in learning pole dancing!

Pole dancing classes are great fitness activity suitable to all levels, plus a unique form of self expression. Embrace your sensuality and confidence!

Welcome to Open Dance Academy – online educational portal from the best pole dance instructors from the whole world! Here you will find video tutorials of all styles like tricks, spins, transitions, combos, floorwork, pole sport, acrobatics, exotic pole, choreography, stretching and many other things. The site is constantly updating, and new lessons, instructors, and styles will please you!
Our instructors are pole dance stars so we give you a perfect chance to learn from your idols.

There are several benefits to taking pole dancing classes online, including:

  • convenience
  • cost savings
  • access to a variety of instructors
  • safety


Online classes allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule, without the need to travel or pay for studio memberships. You can choose to focus on specific choreography or learn from experienced instructors who offer a diverse range of dancing styles and teaching methods. Additionally, online classes reduce the risk of injury by allowing you to practice at your own pace and skill level. Remember to warm up, stretch, and listen to your body during each class, and practice good form to avoid injury.

The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) granted observer status to the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) in 2017, marking an important step towards the goal of recognizing pole dancing as a sport. The IPSF, founded in 2010, aims to promote pole dancing as a legitimate sport and participate in GAISF events and meetings. This recognition acknowledges the efforts of athletes and coaches in developing and promoting pole dancing as an artistic and athletic discipline. 

For all absolute beginners - our signature Exotic Basics class

Exotic pole dancing for the beginners

Exotic pole dancing in particular can be a fun and empowering way to get fit, and online classes can be a convenient and very effective way to learn this art form.

Do not feel scared or hesitant – exotic pole dancing, also known as pole dance fitness, is a form of dance and fitness that involves dancing and performing acrobatic moves on a vertical pole. Once you start your body will feel the empowerment uniting with your inner passion to dance, plus very soon you will be amazed how strong and flexible your body will become.

Demo lessons and tutorials

Embrace your sensuality and confidence, learn to combine pole and aerial dance for spectacular performances. Get inspiration from our DEMO videos.