Meet Lisette Krol, a globally recognized Pole and Aerial artist and athlete hailing from Venezuela and currently residing in Ireland. With an impressive track record, Lisette is a three-time World Doubles Pole Champion and has clinched the titles of Ireland and UK Soloist Champion. Her prowess extends beyond borders, with numerous international titles to her name.

Not only is Lisette a champion performer and athlete, but she is also the visionary founder, owner, and lead instructor at Tribe Fitness Dance Studio in Dublin. Her commitment to female empowerment is evident in her advocacy for body positivity and self-love. Lisette takes pride in Tribe Fitness Dance Studio, a space where students feel a sense of belonging in a welcoming and inclusive community.

Lisette holds a degree in Marketing & Fitness, demonstrating her dedication to academic pursuits alongside her athletic endeavors. Constantly pushing boundaries, she engages in ongoing research and learning, delving deeper into her sport and artistry every day.

Lisette’s journey in sports began early as a competitive swimmer, fostering a deep love for physical activities. This passion eventually led her to the captivating realms of Pole Art, Aerial Art, and Acro. Little did she know that these artistic pursuits would transform her life and shape her career.

In addition to her studio commitments, Lisette extends her influence to the virtual realm as an instructor for the online class “Hybrid Elements” at OpenDance Academy. This nine-lesson virtual class provides a comprehensive exploration of pole dancing techniques, including intricate combinations and maneuvers such as the Scorpio combo and the Brass Monkey climb-over. Participants have the opportunity to master these skills from the comfort of their own space, guided by Lisette’s expertise.

Through her multifaceted career, Lisette Krol continues to inspire others to embrace their bodies, pursue their passions, and find empowerment through movement and self-expression.