Creating a seamless flow of movement.

Floorwork dance and technique is a unique and captivating style that allows for creativity and expression while challenging and developing the body. It requires a strong focus on technique and precision, as well as a deep understanding of musicality and rhythm.

Author - Dima Kiman

Dima Kiman is a highly accomplished and sought-after dance instructor, known for his expertise in Floorwork and Contemporary Jazz. With international experience teaching in various countries, he is regarded as one of top teachers, inspiring students to reach their full potential. Dima holds a degree in choreography and is a certified specialist in various styles of dance. He has also served as a contemporary choreography instructor at the Russian University of Theatre Arts and has produced three highly regarded video programs on floor technique. Dima’s commitment to excellence and passion for sharing his knowledge make him an exceptional instructor and an inspiration to all who study under his guidance.

The parterre technique is a fundamental aspect of floorwork dance that focuses on using the floor as a tool to create movement. It involves a variety of racks and coups based on the shoulders, arms, head, back, and lifts, as well as transitions and minor movements that link tricks into a single flow.

One of the key elements of the parterre technique is working with your own weight and using it to achieve softness and ease in your movements. This requires a deep understanding of your body and its capabilities, as well as a strong core and back muscles.

In addition, the parterre technique involves active stretching, which improves flexibility in the knees and feet. This is important for further development in other dance styles, as well as for injury prevention.

Floorwork dance and technique also incorporates acrobatic components, which add bursts of energy to the dance and allow for stronger accents in the music. These tricks require strength, control, and precision, and are often combined with other elements to create a seamless flow of movement.

Overall, floorwork dance and technique is a dynamic and exciting style that requires a strong foundation in technique, musicality, and creativity. By mastering the parterre technique, dancers can develop their own unique style and express themselves through movement in a powerful and captivating way.

Modern Floorwork Dance

The contemporary floorwork choreography in this video is a stunning display of fluidity, control, and strength. The dancers move seamlessly through a series of intricate floorwork movements, using their bodies to create a dynamic visual display. The choreography combines contemporary dance techniques with elements of acrobatics and gymnastics, resulting in a unique and captivating performance. The dancers use their bodies to convey emotion and tell a story, creating a powerful and engaging performance that draws the viewer in.