Our Project

Ever want to learn pole-dancing at your own pace? Well, with OpenDance Academy, you can! We are proud to present a brand new array of concise, simple pole-dancing videos that are designed to teach each of you essential skills and techniques that are sure to turn you into an absolute goddess on the pole!

Pole dancing increases strength, agility, and flexibility, and our site offers lesson for beginners, as well as speciality tricks from world champions. Students will have access to professional lessons that will get you fit in the most fun and sexy way possible.

Your favourite instructors will guide you through every element from beginner to expert level.

Who we are

Team of truly inspired people gathered together to create a beautiful online platform which will allow to learn Pole Dance directly from industry leaders.

Our instructors are all experts at the art, and have numerous credentials to their name. They have been pole-dancing for many years, and all of them have plenty to offer not only in technique, but in the hottest new moves and trends pole-dancers use today! Each and every one of them are entirely dedicated to their craft, and strive every day not only to improve their students techniques and help them find their unique style, but also to become the best teachers they possibly can to further mentor their students towards success. They care about teaching, they care about the art, and they care about you, the student.

What we do

We present video lessons from industry leaders to global fans of Pole Dance. Pole Dance is a limitless world for creation and self-expression. OpenDance Academy is a combination of athletes talent and modern digital technology. Together they will make it possible to share new moves and other Pole Dance inventions with Pole Dance fans from all over the World just in one click. You can enjoy masterclasses from your favourite athletes in a comfort of your home or dance studio 24 hours 7 days per week.
A Totally Novel Experience – Pole Dancing Online!

Here at Open Dance Academy, we believe that dreams can come true through dance. Pole dancing is a sport that is unique to any other art form. In this sport, you pull yourself up on the pole, you spin yourself, you are reliant on yourself for support, stability, and finesse. Open Dance Academy is an educational resource full of videos done by professionals and industry leaders, sharing tips, advice, and famous moves you won’t find anywhere else. With just a Wi-Fi connection, you can experience a complete pole dance course in any part of the world, whether it be in your pyjamas at 5 in the morning, or in an empty gym with a couple of interested friends. We wanted to let you know that we’re here for you whenever you want to learn at a gym that’s available for you whenever you want to care about you again.

We are a company that cares about you, your emotions, your fitness, your wellbeing, your goals, and your future!