Meet Iolanta, the passionate and dynamic aerial hoop instructor at OpenDance Academy, the premier online dancing pole academy. With a zest for life and a love for movement, Iolanta has crafted a career that seamlessly blends her enthusiasm for travel, teaching, and the captivating world of aerial arts.

Iolanta’s journey into the realm of aerial and acrobatics began as a personal exploration of her own physical capabilities. Drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of aerial hoop, she quickly found herself enchanted by the freedom and creativity that this unique art form offered. Embracing the challenge, she dedicated herself to mastering the intricacies of aerial hoop and acrobatics.

What sets Iolanta apart is not just her technical expertise but also her ability to share her passion with others. As an instructor at OpenDance Academy, Iolanta brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to students eager to explore the world of aerial arts. Her virtual classes are not just lessons; they are immersive experiences that transport participants into the magical world of aerial dancing.