Pole Dancing: An Athletic Artform on the Rise

Over the last 20 years, pole dancing has changed from what most associate to seedy nightclubs or erotic experiences into a beautiful, graceful art form that empowers men & women through fun, liberating fitness.

In fact, proper pole dance classes like the ones we offer here at the Open Dance Academy are designed to help you build incredible upper body and core strength while helping to transform your emotional confidence, physical stamina, and overall health.

Today, pole dance is an active, competitive sport that men and women all over the world take part in and winning international competitions and championships is their ultimate goal. Join us at the Open Dance Academy and you’ll learn the skills needed to compete or just have fun, and experience next level fitness that can transform your body.

Great for Your Body, Mind and Soul

At the Open Dance Academy, we believe in creating engaging programs that are easy to learn but a challenge to master. This philosophy makes us the ideal pole dance fitness group for people of all ages, body types, and even gender.

It’s our diversity, open-mindedness and personal care that makes our online program so beneficial. And when paired with easy-to-access pole dancing training, we can help revitalize your physical and mental strength while rejuvenating your spirit within.

If you’re looking for a fun, beautiful, and creative way to challenge your body, pole dancing will help improve your balance, coordination, and agility so you can feel confident in your body.

World Renown Instructors at Your Fingertips

The Open Dance Academy is led by some of the greatest pole dancers and teachers the sport has even seen. Backed by world champions, international stars, and the sports’ top athletes—such as Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang, Olga Trifonova, Kira Noire, Dimitry Politov, Phoenix Kazree, Daria Che, Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville, Maddie SparklePink Puma—every class is taught by someone who knows how to make you the very best at pole dancing.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, our instructors will give you sound, easy-to-follow instruction that will build your confidence, help you have fun, and inspire you to become a champion in your own right.

Online Access on Your Own Time

We make our entire course—from beginner to the masterclass—available through online courses and video lessons. This lets you train and get in shape on your own time and when it fits your schedule. Accessible via your laptop, smartphone, or mobile device, you can watch, learn, study, and challenge yourself in the comfort of your own home or a local studio.

Enrol today and you’ll receive premier pole dance training along with:

  • Access to more than 600 high-quality video lessons with LIFETIME access.
  • A choice of training levels from beginner to intermediate to expert. (Exclusive)
  • Mobile, laptop, and tablet friendly accessibility.
  • A stress-free training and exercise environment. No driving, parking or stress.

Join us today and you’ll receive a LIFETIME access. That’s right, you’ll only pay us once and you’ll receive lifetime access to new lessons and instructors at no extra charge!