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Nunitooo Al Maskary

I purchased advanced to expert course in Nov and learned a lot , I loved different combos and moves . Definitely didn’t nail all moves but I’m still learning . Today I decided I wanted to have platinum access . I’m amazed with all tricks that I always wanted to learn . My 1st comment is : I feel beginner section is not really for beginner students ! There are moves where it’s perfect for beginners ; but there are moves where it can’t be under this section ! I feel it would be more of an intermediate level 1 or level 2. It would be nice if beginner section is lighter . My 2nd comment is to be able to mark favorite moves for training . I have a lot of favorite tricks and I keep forgetting which is which . 🙂 Last comment : if it’s possible to chat or put question when we are stuck in move & be able to get advice from the instructor . Thanks a lot Nusa from Oman